New Year Post: How 2017 Went for Me

It’s 2018. You know what this means? Another year has ended and another one has begun. It means it’s been months since I’ve written anything publicly and this also means my birthday is coming up in 5 months! Hahah. As with any of you guys who did year-end posts, I will jump in the bandwagon. 2017 is full of color for me – in all aspects of my life. I graduated, had a stable job and for the first time in 21 years, rode an airplane! Those and many more happened to me over the course of the past 12 months. Wanna go down memory lane with me? I must warn you… it gets darker over time. There will be one point in the story where you’d feel pity for me. Don’t. Let’s just all look at the bright side of things. All this is meant to do is make me remember what happened and how far I’ve come since Jan. 2017 to now.



My mother and my brother got stranded in my school. Our vehicle got submerged in the flood and it took days until we fixed it and had it running again.


The annual fun run! My last fun run as a student. I started working in a company my mom recommended and made money for personal expenses whilst studying. Who isn’t excited to graduate?


Last month of being a student cramming for grades! Hahah. The dreaded photoshoots and whatnot. Luckily, I have a makeup kit I do not use and a friend who breaks down every time she sees high-end beauty products. Long story short, I became her canvass.


I graduated on April Fool’s Day. Spent the next day with my closest friends in high school before one of us had to go to Singapore and work there.


I had a blast doing white water rafting with friends (then, coworkers). Shortly after though, I left the company and started looking for other jobs.


A grim month. I expected it to be. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Within the first week, I got accepted in my current job and started working immediately. Two weeks after, two days after my birthday, I flew to Manila for training. The idea of being in Manila did not excite me as much as the thought of flying. I booked window seats for my flight and spent the hour and a half flight staring at the clouds.


Eventful and very entertaining. Coworkers are just as quirky as I am. No money saved yet but what the heck. I will next year.


Truth be told, I do not remember much. One year of blogging? Lost confidence? Darkness catching up to the colorful life? Grey had been my color for so long I look for it in the middle of the rainbow.


My closest friend (see April entry) shared in our group chat screenshots of her scans and medical results. Late September, we found out from her sister that she has a rare form of cancer.


My friends and I decided to pitch in for her chemotherapy sessions and sent her videos so she wouldn’t feel any sadder. Talents were put to good use. Concert for a cause. Garage sale. Sending letters to major news programs.


I saw my cousins again! I have three new baby boy cousins. Beach! Quality time with quality people. A classmate’s father died and we had good reason to gather again. I saw my classmates and friends for the first time since graduation.


6-month mark in a new job and going strong. Good working relationship with most of my workmates. Snow White (my dog; Shih Tzu/terrier) gave birth. A day later, she got sick and my mom and brother were panicking. I was nursing her, holding her in my arms while mom and bro were looking for a taxi. Taxis wouldn’t take a dog in their car, our car broke down the day before so it could not be used. Neighbors could not help either. Snow White died in my arms. I didn’t bury her. They did. I cried alone that night. When everyone went to sleep. Her puppies died shortly after. I was too numb to cry on that one. Snow White’s brother, Prince Charming is still doing okay though. At least there is that. Christmas was dull. Another flood came. We had no water since our city’s reservoir got affected by the flood. A martial law made the citizens feel safe but other families lost loved ones along the way.

A lot more has happened, I know. I learned how jealousy can corrupt even the most selfless part of me. I understood how forgiving someone makes you sleep better at night. I have had a lot of interesting conversations within this community and lived vicariously through some posts. I learned the hard way, yet again, that some lessons are meant to be learned over and over again. Love lost, love found once more. Confidence shook, dreams shattered. Or at least I thought they were. Gave up. Well, not entirely. Dusted my self off and got up, ready to begin again. Watching One Piece episodes, writing a new year post.

Author’s say: Happy New Year y’all! I hope you had a great start. Remember, life is not a race. We’ll all get to where we want to be.


3 thoughts on “New Year Post: How 2017 Went for Me

    • Thanks. Had a minor setback. Tried giving up, if I can say that. Hahah. Not that much catch up reading for you. I did find myself not sleeping one day binge-reading your posts.

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