New beginnings? No. New Efforts? Yes.

New beginnings? Not exactly. I’d still be doing the same thing. Still, wake up in the same bed and eat in the same dining table with the same family members, family pet and go home to the same rusty and ragged house. I will still go do work for the same company (like I did six months earlier) and still do routinary tasks for most of my day, every single day. So, as far as beginnings go, nothing might be new. Nothing is new. YET.

2018 started gloomy for me and my family, Christmas was trying since we barely had water because of the flood. And January 1 greeted us with another storm. Thankfully, it didn’t last so long and left our area of responsibility so all that’s left to deal with is the constant power interruption. (Now you know why posts are rare.) But, like the old saying goes: there’s a rainbow always after the rain~ (couldn’t help but sing that as I typed it) and I found a really nice blog post from a fellow blogger over at twitter. Something about #100daysofhappiness. It’s pretty self-explanatory is it not? And since I want to get back on the saddle and write, what better way to do it than to write about happiness? It’s also a great excuse for me to constantly treat myself to simple pleasures every now and then. (A new tea shop is open in my area!) If you have followed me over at my other social media accounts or in my previous blog sites, you’d have noticed that happiness for me is fluid. One can still be happy amidst darkness in their life. One can still be happy even after a breakup. There is happiness in despair and even when you’re chained with sorrow, you can find happiness too.


The reason I’m saying this is because, for the next 99 days, I know it will BE A struggle to find happiness. There might even be days I do not feel good in the slightest. But I want you to know, dear reader, (or mostly just me wanting to remind myself) that there always is something to be joyful about. All we have to do is open our eyes, and see past the damage and be sure to see the collateral beauty.


It’s January 4, and I am sitting here in the office, quite a boring day, so to speak. I just started playing Mobile Legends, a MOBA game, a lot like League of Legends (but in your phone) and it’s been fun so far. I’ve been playing for 7 days in total now and have leveled up to half the maximum level and am now in the elite status. I will share my experiences with the game and stories after some time. Preferably when my stats are worthy of bragging. Hahah. It’s a fun game, actually. I was so into games growing up. I got rid of the habit after high school because I got addicted to it that much and would end up skipping classes just to play in the arcade (or internet cafes) with strangers and take part in their “tournos” (tournaments). Way back then, I would spend most of my weekly allowance on playing rather than on food. (Look at my expenses now, it’s all on food though. Times have changed. LoL) It’s kinda hard not getting too addicted to the game. Add the fact that I am in a relationship with my phone and never let it out of my sight. So, whenever I am bored and/or when I have nothing better to do inside the office, I am busy ranking my way up. The only time (aside from working time and eating time, obviously) I do not play would be when the anime I follow have new episodes. Detective Conan and One Piece are both on break so the risk of me getting addicted and possibly skipping stuff (not work, probably sleep) is HIGH.

Anyways, gotta keep on playing. My double EXP card will expire in 9 hours so … see ya! I hope you have a good day, my friends.


11 thoughts on “New beginnings? No. New Efforts? Yes.

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  2. I just bought my brother’s old gaming laptop, so after I finish my first playthrough of Persona 5 on PS4, and in between playing Monster Hunter on it as well, I’m gonna start looking for computer games. Recs would be nice.

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    • Ah PC Games. If it ain’t racing, I’d probably be a noob now. If it’s strategy or zombies, maybe I’d do well. I don’t know. I probably should save up for other things though. Like … other things. Hahah. Do you play online games too?

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