The ‘Finesse’ video and the lyrics to ‘Endlessly’

Music always lifts me up. Well, at least the ones that make sense to me. Yesterday, Bruno Mars’ video on Finesse came out and just like the amazing fan that I am, I was quick to click the link and watch. The video was dedicated to In Living Color, a 90’s comedy show that helped launch the careers of the likes Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx.

Ooh, don’t we look good together?
There’s a reason why they watch all night long
Yeah, know we’ll turn heads forever
So tonight I’m gonna show you off

Blame it on my confidence
Oh, blame it on your measurements

The lyrics are fire, right?! Plus after “That’s What I Like” the dancing in this very cool too. Makes me want to bop to the rhythm myself. I started searching for the lyrics so that I could sing along to it on the way to work today. Then, I came across an article that said: 30 Songs You Had No Idea Bruno Mars Wrote. That isn’t surprising. Most singer/songwriters help each other out and end up writing songs for other artists. I saw songs I already knew he wrote. Ones like One Day (Matisyahu), Love Me (Justin Bieber) and All I Ask (Adele). What was unexpected was my favorite song from a band called The Cab. The song is entitled Endlessly. The song is basically a love song for someone and the singer states he may not be perfect, but he sure as hell is the perfect one for the one he is pursuing. During the early days of my fascination with the band, it was one of the songs I’d always put on repeat when I’m on my way to someplace. The Cab was a band that the likes of Fall Out Boy helped (like they helped out Panic! at the Disco). Apparently, the song Endlessly was co-written by Bruno Mars and Adam Levine (Maroon 5).

Ink may stain my skin
And my jeans may all be ripped
I’m not perfect, but I swear
I’m perfect for you

Ain’t that cool?! I rarely watch interviews of singers that I adore because I tend to stick more to their music and the songs they write. Bruno doesn’t do interviews often too because he believes in the same principle. From one Filipino to another, kudos Bruno! More power and I’ll be supporting you until I can afford a ticket to one of your concerts. Until then, YouTube and Spotify it is.

Author’s Say: It’s freaking cold in the office right now! The heck? What are we? Polar bears! Have a good day y’all! And I can’t find a viable way to use today’s word prompt. Oops. I did. Hahah.


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